So, if you are a Heartland Retail POS user, marking your presence in the ecommerce space becomes even more important, especially keeping the current scenario in mind.

24Seven Commerce recognized this and introduced over 20 eCommerce Integrations with Heartland Retail POS system.

Heartland retail is among the top retail management systems. It facilitates the smooth functioning of the POS using cloud and streamlines the in-store inventory for better management.

But 24Seven Commerce realized that moving the brick-and-mortar store to the eCommerce space is now imperative. It is the only way to help retailers grow and expand beyond how they have been traditionally selling.

So, 24Seven Commerce made this transition easier for retailers. Now retailers can sell on multiple ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Google shopping, etc.

Retailers with Heartland POS system can now use Octopus Bridge to synchronize their offline and online data, and have an overview of all the platforms at once.

The integration of offline and online stores is made simpler and faster by Octopus Bridge. Now retailers don’t have to worry about the tiresome long integration process and tough navigation.

Here’s how the features of Octopus bridge help Heartland POS retailers:

● Up-to-date inventory: It efficiently automates the inventory update process to eliminate ‘out of stock’ cases and makes it aligned across all systems for a consistent data flow.

● One brand voice: Octopus Bridge aids the expansion into omnichannel retailing for businesses and helps give the customer a uniform experience across all platforms.

● Insightful data collection: It collects customer data for better targeting and retargeting based on their purchase history and browsing activity.

● Bird’s eye view: Octopus Bridge helps retailers get an overview of all the ecommerce platforms from one place and access all the data in near real time.

About 24Seven Commerce

24Seven Commerce, a California based company, integrates the POS and online stores into one system. It helps the business access new markets and introduce their products to new categories of audiences.

24Seven Commerce provides an efficient and functional system for omnichannel management. It helps brands get maximum sales from both offline and online medium.

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