Anyone going to buy groceries, gasoline, or anything else has noticed that the price of products is higher and the shelves are emptier.

Fallout from the pandemic, labor concerns, and supply chain delays has impacted the cost of goods.

To help with the cost of holiday shopping, Axel’s Pawn announced they have a Layaway Program. The program will help shoppers buy luxury items at an affordable price. Axel’s has luxury handbags, designer purses, diamonds, gold, fine jewelry and more.

With the Layaway Program, purchasers can select what they want to buy, put down a percentage of the total cost, and set up monthly or weekly payments so they can pay their account in full before Christmas.

It’s important not to put off selecting the items, because inventories change quickly, and the bargains on luxury gifts will quickly decrease the inventory. Axel’s Pawn wants shoppers to check back often, because what they have for sale in their retail and online store changes daily. What isn’t found today could be found tomorrow.

If you have questions or need a quote, visit them at:

Axel’s Pawn Shop

Dug Karlson

(509) 535-2251



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