If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we simply cannot prepare for every eventuality in business and that some events…..

If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we simply cannot prepare for every eventuality in business and that some events will be interrupting, stressful and hard to deal with. You may have no control, whatsoever, over these events, in fact.

So How Do You Bounce Back? 

The question then becomes not so much “what do I do if another Covid-like event takes place in terms of preparation, etc.?” but more “what can we do to get back on our feet fast if such a thing happens?”

This, of course, means approaching business in an entirely new way. The important thing to begin with is a resilience strategy.

Think of this as the old “crisis management” plan but with less emphasis on the specifics of what will happen and more emphasis on the “what could we do to stay afloat in any crisis and how could we thrive in such events?”

An Example Of This

You Want Group is all about helping business develop strategies for their objectives. Yet, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, they found themselves in the same situation as everyone else.

They couldn’t go and see their clients because of lockdowns. Health protocols were making everyone’s day longer and less convenient which meant less time for meetings. And so on…

But due to their emphasis on mindfulness and being present in their day-to-day work, they knew that they could use this an opportunity to bounce back better than they were before.

They closed the physical business and rebranded it. Then, they launched a new website and online programs that enabled the work to be done, wherever the strategist and the client were based.

They also realized that if they had to overcome these challenges, so did their clients, and they were able to offer business advisory, HR advisory, leadership training, outsourcing management and more to ensure that their B2B client base was also able to thrive in a market where everyone else was struggling.

This didn’t mean that the Covid-19 pandemic was neglected. People were prioritized over processes at every step of the way. A business with a mindfulness culture is one which understands the value of a team in carrying out that business and thus, the team must thrive in order for the business to thrive.

The You Want Group, thus, also changed the way that they worked as individuals and teams. Shaking up communication workflows to suit distributed working and client interaction. And supporting the positive mindset needed for each person within the business to succeed.

It worked too. The company raised large amounts of money for Project Karma, Mental Health Foundation Australia, and B1G1. And their leader, Iris, launched an Amazon best-selling book and they won multiple international business awards too.

The Last Word On Bouncing Back

Bouncing back from the unknown is a real challenge but it can be done. The key is to have strategies in place that can inform your decision making.

About You Want


You Want Group helps businesses, leaders and individuals to create strategies to maximize their results and live the life they want through Business consulting, expert leadership coaching, human resources guidance, and personal and professional goal setting.

With the mantra ‘Grow the business you want, find the career you want, be the leader you want, develop the people you want, and attract the life you want’, they empower organisations and individuals for success.

Iris has 15 years of leadership experience and is a master NLP practitioner, Human Behaviour expert, Chinese metaphysics consultant and a certified conversational hypnotherapist.

Through leadership, attraction and manifestation strategies, she helps CEOs, executives and business owners gain clarity, focus and the ability to achieve their goals faster by maximising productivity while creating trusted relationships.

Thai boasts 13 years of HR, recruitment and coaching experience and has worked with some of the biggest names in business.

In the process, Thai has studied human behaviour, conducting over 10,000 interviews and reading over 500,000 resumes to better understand how people judge and perceive others.

As a career strategist, he offers a comprehensive insight into the elements of professional success.

Together, both Iris and Thai lead the You Want Group’s passionate team of human resources consultants, recruitment specialists, and leadership mentors.

Their unfailing mission is to empower individuals, businesses and leaders to enjoy the success they desire and the personal and professional fulfilment they deserve.