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About Doron Pinhas

Doron is an avid Storage and Backup security advocate, and one of the two authors of the recently published NIST special publication titled: “Security Guidelines for Storage Infrastructure”. Alongside continuous research of storage security, threat landscape, and market maturity analysis, he is also engaged in writing, public speaking and information exchanged with leading global organizations.

Prior to joining Continuity, Doron was with Xpert Integrated Systems, a leading Israeli SI, leading its Business Continuity Solutions division for 7 years. Before that he served in the Israeli Defense Force for 10 years, developing IT infrastructure management methodologies, retiring with the rank of Major. Doron has over 20 years of experience in data and storage management, mission critical computing, operating system design and development, cloud computing, and networking architecture.

About Continuity

With the rising threat of ransomware and other cybersecurity attacks, Continuity provides the ONLY storage security solution that helps enterprises protect their data.

Continuity scans and analyzes data storage, storage management, and backup systems for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. For the first time, enterprises will have complete visibility of their storage blind spots, with the most urgent risks automatically prioritized, while ensuring compliance with security regulations and industry standards.

Event Summary:

Just a few years ago, almost nobody thought that storage & backups were important. That’s no longer the case today.

Ransomware attacks are becoming more sophisticated and have pushed storage, backup, and recovery back onto the corporate agenda, with groups like Conti, Hive, and REvil actively targeting these systems.

One thing is clear: simply securing your production environment is not enough.

As ransomware gangs shift their attack strategies to find new vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, strengthening your storage & backup posture has become a key component of building a solid ransomware resiliency strategy.

In a LIVE webcast, the speakers will cover:

– Why storage, backup, and recovery systems pose a risk to your organization

– Best practices for addressing backup and recovery ransomware threats

– How to assess your storage & backup security posture

About The Knowledge Group

Founded in November 2006, The Knowledge Group has been at the forefront of providing quality continuing education programs for lawyers, accountants, financial executives, risk and compliance specialists, human resources professionals, technology officers, and business consultants in a wide range of industries.

The Knowledge Group strives to be the best-in-class provider of continuing education by bringing forth relevant content you can’t get anywhere else.