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About Tom McKinney

Tom McKinney joined HMS Networks in 2015 as Director of Engineering Services and Partnerships. He focuses on the development of custom industrial communications solutions leveraging HMS Networks’ smart products and an emphasis on IIoT. On the partnership front, Tom works with 3rd parties to create complete end to end IIoT solutions based on HMS products.

About HMS Networks

HMS stands for Hardware Meets SoftwareTM. HMS enables valuable data and insights from industrial equipment allowing our customers to increase productivity and sustainability. HMS offers world-class solutions for industrial information and communication technology with our brands Anybus, Ewon, Intesis and Ixxat. All HMS products are connecting hardware and software in one or another, helping users become more connected, productive and sustainable.

Event Summary

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is spurring a new wave of data telemetry-based investments in the manufacturing industry. Also known as industry 4.0, it merges machine data with manufacturing, service, and sales tools creating connected intelligent factories. The results are increased visibility into operations, streamlined production, and improved customer experience, all while minimizing costs.

Today, HMS has already enabled thousands of companies, large and small to capitalize on IIoT. OEM machine builders and systems integrators have reduced their support-related travel by up to 50% while improving their customer experience. End users have leveraged HMS solutions to improve their operations and combat the challenges associated with the shortage of skilled workers. These advancements have been achieved with a secure communications solution that meets the requirements of the most security-sensitive operations. As IIoT is continuously driving the future of the manufacturing landscape, business leaders must stay in the loop with the notable trends including IIoT, and leverage new technology to ensure operations are competitive.

In addition to stand-alone solutions from HMS Networks, solutions that seamlessly integrate with offerings from Azure, AWS, Software AG, PTC ThingWorx, Aveva OSIsoft, Inductive Automation Ignition are available from HMS. Need to integrate with another 3rd party application or legacy application, HMS offers engineering services that can solve any communications challenge.

Key topics include:

• Summary of the most valuable features HMS has helped customers implement

• Overview of the key components of the system

• Easy path to value with a reasonable level of investment

• Leading challenges in IIoT adoption

• The future of IoT in the manufacturing industry, what is next?

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