Ed Hennessy, PMG’s CEO, announced today that his firm is collaborating with Hopper Express Transportation, an innovative, early-stage company focused on vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) flying aircraft. The campaign will introduce and familiarize Investment sources to Hopper Express’ breakthrough and disruptive capabilities. This effort is intended to support this round of needed funding to fuel the company’s growth plans and bring Hopper transport vehicles to market. As a by-product, PMG will also introduce and align the company with organizations that can represent leveraged relationships or Strategic Alliance Partners.

Hopper Express and its team are experts in the transport field representing decades of proven experience. The Partner team is comprised of leading, Industry Aerodynamic and Structural Dynamic specialists, innovative technology experts and a support team with Business, Legal and Marketing competencies.

The company has developed an advanced propulsion system based on eighteen years of research supported by notable Industry organizations that will redefine standards for VTOL autonomous flying aircraft.

As a by-product, the company has identified a $200 Million opportunity-base (initially) that is well-suited for its disruptive and breakthrough Hopper platforms, which currently have no direct rivals. It is Hopper Express’ viewpoint that the Transport Industry needs an infusion of advanced technology and a shift of emphasis in how autonomous cargo and personal transport platforms operate to deliver safer, quieter and more efficient solutions.

Tom Daily, CEO of Hopper Express Transport indicates, “It is a rare opportunity to design and introduce capabilities that can redefine Industry standards, although with our Hopper platforms having no exterior rotor blades and other breakthrough attributes – we are convinced that the company will define a new target segment that will provide us unquestionable Leadership and Domination today and tomorrow.”


The company initially will focus on an environmental priority – leveraging Hoppers to locate areas along rivers, shorelines and waterways that need to be cleansed of trash and waste, although the Hoppers have been developed to be versatile to handle a range of applications including search and rescue, package delivery, medical supply transport, infrastructure inspections and agricultural uses.

The Hopper Express team has been working a well-thought-out game plan that not only defines a building-block approach for launching various Hopper cargo and personal transport models (a family of products), it has also calibrated its Business Plan and investment/funding needs to correspond to the various stages of corporate and business development.

This approach allows investment levels (tiers) to be matched with company growth and demonstrated results.

Tom Daily also provided a glimpse of what the future will hold, “For some time, the Transport Industry has relied on conventional approaches, although innovation and change are taking hold. The Flying Hopper (Family) and unique platforms like it are on a path to become the VTOL Aircraft of the Future.”

Ed Hennessy, CEO for PMG said, “No doubt, Hopper Express is onto something big and this maps-onto our Industry focus and the class of innovative technology companies that we work with – and given the breadth of Investment sources and Industry players that we have intimate relationships with, we are confident that PMG can make a difference and help Hopper Express’s cause.”

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