JobHireHub makes it simple to create job hubs that help businesses find, hire, manage, and pay remote contractors.

JobHireHub Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its groundbreaking job board startup which allows businesses to post jobs to its diverse partner network for free.

The last two years have brought two huge shifts:

1 – Unprecedented remote work environments

2 – The need for forward-thinking companies to have diverse work teams

This is where JobHireHub’s solution just makes sense. The platform hosts remote work job hubs for skilled labor communities and groups that in the past have been hard to reach. By leveraging the diverse talent of their partner network, companies are able to find skilled freelancers ready for project-based assignments.

CEO, Kenley Lamaute, says “Some jobs like tech, IT, writing, administrative and many others are well suited for remote work. For those types of jobs, project-based staffing is the future of work. As some companies are pushing employees back into physical offices, there are highly skilled professionals who are choosing to continue working remotely and offering their services as independent contractors to businesses who are looking for great talent. It’s a win/win.”

There are thousands of companies who want more diversity in their teams and rightly so… according to McKinsey, “Corporations identified as more diverse and inclusive are 35% more likely to outperform their competitors.”

On the other side, there are hundreds of thousands of talented freelancers that can’t relocate for an opportunity. Some are caregivers, some choose to work in areas with a lower cost of living, some find they are more productive by saving time from their daily commute. Whatever the reason, JobHireHub is the platform that connects the companies to the talent.

Using the JobHireHub API allows companies to post remote job opportunities to any of the job hubs in their partner network – for free.

The ingenious platform goes beyond traditional job boards. By offering a project management dashboard, time tracking, real-time project reporting, and automatic payment processing – without the recurring subscription fees.

This makes it easier for businesses to find diverse and highly skilled talent, manage their projects, and pay for their performance – all from one platform.

And the benefit to job seekers is having a straightforward platform, flexible invoicing, direct deposit, private job invitations, live profiles, and lower fees than other job boards.

At JobHireHub, “Powering the Future of Remote Work” is more than a slogan; it’s their mission. They intend to help businesses scale and get more done with project-based staffing by providing a platform that simplifies the hiring process and makes managing remote team members painless.

Businesses interested in adding more diverse talent to their teams can register now to get API access to start posting jobs for free. Here’s the link:

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