EPD’s response to media enquiries on beverage carton recycling


     In response to media enquiries about the arrangements of beverage carton recycling, a spokesman for the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) today (September 27) said the following:

     The Government’s policy is to encourage the recycling and reuse of local resources and to assist the industry to increase progressively the processing capacity of various recyclables. Regarding the recycling of beverage carton, the Recycling Fund had disbursed about $1 million to the newly established beverage carton recycling plant in Yuen Long InnoPark at that time to fund its operation until 2021. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the Recycling Fund had also granted a one-off anti-epidemic subsidy to the plant.

     Noting that there was a disagreement between the beverage carton recycling plant and the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) on the leasing issue, the EPD had contacted the HKSTP and noted that the HKSTP has been discussing with the recycling plant and is willing to provide possible assistance regarding the time to repossess the site. The EPD will continue to liaise with the HKSTP and hope that progress can be made for both parties on the leasing issue.

     The EPD has also contacted the person-in-charge of the recycling plant to provide information on the short-term tenancy sites that will be exclusively used by the recycling industry and will be tendered for his consideration. The department learned that the person-in-charge of the recycling plant considered that the short-term tenancy sites to be available for open tender are not suitable for them. The EPD will continue to keep in touch with the recycling plant. As soon as there are other short-term tenancy sites available for the recycling industry that will be open for tender, information will be provided for their consideration, and it is hoped that they can continue to provide services.

     Currently, the local recycling capacity can only handle a small quantity of beverage carton in Hong Kong. The EPD has been actively sourcing more operators to join to provide beverage carton recycling services, so as to increase the local downstream recycling capacity. The department has also been discussing with various potential operators. In addition, the EPD awarded a lease for lots in EcoPark through open tender in April 2022 to set up a modern pulping facility which is expected to commence operation in 2025. The local recycling capacity of beverage cartons will significantly increase by then.