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The dread of the consequences of a radioactive winter is the nuclear threat. Ever since the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union first entered everyone’s mind, it has been a part of our imagination. The two superpowers of the globe had raised fears that their missiles and bombs would bring about the end of civilization.

However, as the 1960s wore on, the Soviet Union fell apart. Everyone’s terror of a nuclear apocalypse diminished as the event was consigned to memories and their brains. But the Ukraine Conflict and North Korea’s resurgence in prominence led to a slight change in that. We are starting to observe a revival of that interest. For thriller fans, it’d be great to check out “Deception: A Mac Daniels Novel.” Mac Daniels, a US Operative who is at the center of a conspiracy, is introduced to us by Gene Boffa. Nuclear-grade uranium has been lost, according to North Korea. And they attribute the theft to the United States. However, Mac Daniels is the one who has actually taken the uranium.

Before war breaks out, Mac must now travel back to North Korea and make amends to the Supreme Leader. However, Mac Daniels learns of a sinister relationship between North Korea and ISIS while in the Hermit State, with the terrorist organization obtaining surface-to-air missiles and the deadly sarin gas. As a result, Mac is forced into a precarious position where he must move cautiously, stroll slowly, and stalk with caution in order to prevent the terrorist gang from completing the purchase.

A superb thriller, “Deception: A Mac Daniels Novel,” highlights a complex character who is more than just another man on a mission thanks to his quirks and humanity. Mac is a cunning and endearing agent who would eventually appeal to readers who have always loved well-written heroes.

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“Deception: A Mac Daniels Novel”

Author: Gene Boffa

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Publication Date: December 2020

Genre: Thriller, Action Adventure

About the Author

Gene Boffa loves fishing, boating and flying — hobbies which has done all over the world. He is a lawyer with one of the oldest law firms in New Jersey, Shuman Hanlon Margulies where he specializes in transactional law. Gene is married to Patricia and they live in the small town of Green Brook, New Jersey. They have four grown children who often bring the grandchildren by so enjoy their summer house at the jersey shore. Gene’s first novel “The Deed” is available at and Your Online Publicist