IsItDebunked Ltd. Have released their cryptocurrency DBNK on the EVMOS Blockchain with future chains incoming

IsItDebunked Ltd. Have released their cryptocurrency DBNK (Debunk) Token on the EVMOS Blockchain as part of their ideologies to change the world of fact checking in a decentralized manner and allow users to help bring down the future of information sharing.

In the near future the DBNK TOKEN will also be seen on other networks such as Binance Smartchain, Stellar, Ripple, Sui, Flare, Cronos and not limited to Dogechain. This will allow more users to become a part of what is being built to help not just the cryptocurrency world but also the world of mainstream media which needs to be revilutionized otherwise facts will be lost for future generations.

You can find the new DBNK Token on the EVMOS Explorer: Debunk Token

If you would like to find out more about the project, the website can be found

The new pitch deck and white paper are to be released shortly explaining how and why we are doing what we are doing and the importance of this.

The future is going to be big for FactDex’ing organizations.

About IsItDebunked Ltd.

IsItDebunked Ltd. Are creating a more fact-based world by allowing users to come together to fact check in a decentralized way using Blockchain Technology.