About “Barron’s Cliff Hall Murders”:

In rural Cheshire stands Barron’s Cliff Hall. Its owner, known as Captain, holds an annual shooting weekend in the grounds. A few days before the event his Gardener is brutally murdered inside the Hall. The police can find no evidence nor come up with any reason why this lovable giant was targeted.

Captain’s other staff members and his family are devastated and then furious when they discover that he intends to go on with the planned shoot. They have no idea that he is being blackmailed and has no choice but to do as instructed.

As the weekend starts it becomes clear that someone is trying to sabotage the event and the twenty-six guests begin to feel uneasy. When another murder occurs and the body count starts to mount, the police lock down the Hall. Secrets start to be revealed and no-one can leave until the culprit is caught.

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