The skillful O’Neill Fernandes is the Pop music artist from Perth who is back with two new tracks ‘The Last Time’ and ‘You Make Me Feel’ that are perfect party anthems.

Perth, Western Australia Sep 9, 2022 (  – The emerging Pop music artist O’Neill Fernandes is back with two new tracks which are making the audience groove with the catchy music. The composition of the tracks is filled with energy and dynamic beats that are perfectly complemented by captivating guitar tunes. The two new tracks ‘The Last Time’ and ‘You Make Me Feel’ are the cover tracks by the same name and are included in the artist’s 35th album. The entire album is filled with cover tracks from the timeline 1964 to 2022 that the artist presented with a modern twist and his touch of creativity.

The tracks are composed with such artistic mastery that they are giving the audience an enchanting experience to feel. The tracks ‘The Last Time’ and ‘You Make Me Feel’ are filling the ears of the listeners with joy and excitement. The groovy ambiance created by the tracks is also taking the audience to the dance floor. With skillful mastery, the Pop music artist from Perth has created party anthems that can easily lighten up the entire room with the melody and catchy tunes. The composition and mixing of the tracks showcase the artist’s caliber and ability to cover old classics and make them his own. With the touch of modernity and guitar tunes, O’Neill Fernandes has created an energetic and cheerful ambiance with these melodic expressions. These tracks are kept stylish and dance-ready which is attracting the listeners even more.

The Pop music artist from Perth has given similar exceptional performances in his other tracks such as ‘Lady Rose’, ‘I Was Made For Dancing’, ‘Shut Up And Dance’, ‘Saturday Night’, ‘Country Girl’, ‘Modern Love’, ‘Levitating’, ‘Save Me’, etc. which are all available on the musical platform Soundcloud. For further updates and information about future releases, fans and followers can follow the artist on social media platforms such as Facebook and Youtube.

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