saw a 77% increase in downloads of non-OA articles by researchers at DEAL participating institutions since 2019.

Commenting, Dagmar Laging, VP Institutional Sales, Europe, Springer Nature, said:

“In 2019 we were delighted to sign with Projekt DEAL what was the largest transformative agreement in the world. Not only has it enabled over 28,000 new research articles to be published immediately OA so far, but it has importantly led to German research output being seen and used by more people worldwide. That this agreement is now being extended clearly demonstrates the value of transformative agreements, the benefits they deliver to researchers and institutions, as well as their ability to accelerate the transition to open access.”

Through its wider commitment to the principles and drive for open science, Springer Nature continues to enable a sustainable transition to OA for all authors regardless of discipline, location or funding. The publisher’s 17 national agreements, which alongside its institutional deals, now support researchers from over 2,650 affiliated institutions to publish OA, enabling an expected 41,400+ OA articles to be published a year, 10% more than any other publisher. Last year, the publisher was the first to immediately publish one million gold open access primary research and review articles, supporting nearly 2.5 million authors in making their research OA. Driving the opening up of research and the development of open science remains Springer Nature’s primary focus in serving the research community. More information on the publisher’s approach can be found here.

Notes to Editors:

1DEAL agreements refers to all publisher agreements with DEAL – these numbers can be found in the DEAL facts and figures 2021 –


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About Projekt DEAL

The German Rectors’ Conference was tasked by the Alliance of German Science Organizations to institute Projekt DEAL to conclude nationwide “publish and read” agreements with the largest commercial publishers of scholarly journals. Projekt DEAL aims for agreements that secure immediate open access publication of the vast majority of new research articles by authors from German institutions, provide permanent full-text access to the publisher’s complete journal portfolio. The aspired fair and reasonable pricing for such services should be articulated with a simple and future-oriented model based on the number of articles published. The consortium comprises more than 700 mostly publicly funded academic institutions in Germany including universities, universities of applied sciences, research institutions and state and regional libraries.