Festival du Film Merveilleux is launched in 2010 by Benedicte Beaugeois along with her childhood friend Maureen after she discovered here passion for film festival while doing an internship at the Cannes Film Festival. This film festival is primarily born out of her love for short format films and fantasy films. Festival du Film Merveilleux achieved an important milestone in 2014 when it was honored by the patronage of UNESCO. Since it founding in 2010, this team has conducted annual film festivals year after year without disappointing their audience. In its twelfth year it continues its founding mission to inspire, educate, and empower the next generation of filmmakers.

The program will include screenings of local, national and international short films that will be selected from submissions by the team. Films can lead to a better understanding and communication between peoples of diverse cultures, races, and lifestyles. This film festival offers a wonderful opportunity for cinema lovers to discover high quality professional short films from different language and culture around the globe. Best short films from different cultures touching the themes of the marvelous, the science fiction and the fantastic will be selected for screening. Animation will find a special place in film selection.

Festival du Film Merveilleux is not just an event but it is a community. This film festival is backed by a faithful and committed community of public and professionals who never miss the event. Fast growing community behind Festival du Film Merveilleux is their biggest strength. It inspires young talent to take part in various roles in the film industry and helps them find their right connections in the industry or hone their skills critical for success in film industry. This event is a great opportunity for professionals from film industry like producers, directors, screenwriters and artists to connect, network and exchange new ideas at one place.

Festival du Film Merveilleux also has a mentoring program for helping bright and talented short film makers to produce feature film. Limited number of selected short films can voluntarily opt to get help and guidance from their mentoring program. Special focus and priority is given to women for mentoring.

About Festival du Film Merveilleux and Imaginaire de Paris

The Festival du Film Merveilleux is an international film festival held in Paris, focusing on themes of magic and fantasy. It was first launched in 2010 and is under the patronage of UNESCO since 2014. The Festival Du Film Merveilleux shares its passion for the marvelous and the imaginary always with the aim to amaze their audience.