Optimiser Touchpoint website builder can be used by businesses of any type and size. This CRM integrated website builder has a digital marketing, asset manager, API, account management and progressive web application or PWA feature. The form builder on the Optimiser Touchpoint platform allows businesses to collect data from visitors efficiently and store it on the platform.

Explaining the usefulness of the Optimiser Touchpoint website builder, Shraddha Kapur, Marketing Director at Optimiser highlighted how Touchpoint can be used to develop and grow a business online.

“Optimiser Touchpoint is more than just a website builder. With its integration with Optimiser CRM, business owners can streamline business processes and improve its operations. It allows users to design the website with customised elements and features. With in-built SEO tools, businesses can enjoy good rankings on search engines.”

Touchpoint-built websites look great on every device, be it a smartphone, tablet or desktop. The easy drag and drop feature on the platform allows anyone to build a website. No coding experience is required. Add images, videos, gifs etc. to create a stylish website that attracts an audience and ranks higher in the search engines.

Allowing the user’s ideas to come to life, Optimiser Touchpoint allows businesses to make customised integrations into the website if required. With intelligent tools in the arsenal, business owners can engage with a high-quality customer base. Businesses can establish a unique brand reputation and identity to take off online.