Once you start listening to this Colorado Electronic Artist there is no turning back. The Psybrid will make sure that you are overwhelmed by his exceptional craft.

Denver, Colorado Aug 24, 2022 (Issuewire.com)  – Based out of Denver, United States, Wesley has always delivered numbers that are catchy as well as deep. Being famous with the name The Psybrid he has made sure that his listeners are getting an ample amount of variations in his musical body of works. One of his songs called ‘Washing Machine’ will start with a brief monologue about drug abuse and later on, it will open up to many elevated soundscapes. And he has incorporated some minute clips in between which has contributed exceedingly to this track. From investing reflective narrations to gravitating soundscapes, he will make you fall for his craft.

In the musical works of this Colorado Electronic Artist, there is high incorporation of dark electronic vibes yet the eclectic nature of his songs will offer you a good time. Hits like ‘Siva the Destroyer’, ‘SOL’, ‘Cultivate’, ‘Talon’, ‘Necromanteion’, ‘Devil’s Breath’, ‘Rabbit ears’, ‘Washing Machine’, ‘Implant’, ‘Virion’, ‘Cyrix COMA’, ‘In Ever’, ‘Mindwipe’, and ‘Prima materia’ has been a part of his body of works. And each number is brilliant in every form possible. Not just grooving and energetic vibes he has also offered some chilling vibes in some of his numbers, which will send a chill down your spine instantly once you hear the numbers.

Yet his brilliantly concocted number ‘Devil’s Breath’ has some spooky as well as some dancing vibes to it. And this quality has made sure that it is considered one of his extremely popular numbers by far. While he is the most celebrated electronic artist on one hand, on the other he has introduced some offbeat topics as a part of his music. And having done that he has managed to make the most out of it, The Psybrid is unquestionably a brilliant artist with the most diverse formations. Listen to him on the Official  website, SoundCloud, Vimeo, and YouTube.

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