Under Secretary for Education visits “Playtime with Children” Roving Exhibition (with photos)


     The Under Secretary for Education, Mr Sze Chun-fai, toured the “Playtime with Children” Roving Exhibition held by the Education Bureau (EDB) today (August 21).

     To promote the Positive Parent Campaign, the Roving Exhibition is being held by the EDB from June to August, with a view to enhancing parents’ understanding on how to develop quality time with their children and create happy childhood memories through parent-child play, so as to help children grow happily and healthily. Today’s exhibition was held at Sheung Shui Centre.

     Mr Sze played the “Playtime with Children” board game with the visiting parents and children at the exhibition venue. He said, “Working parents need to cope with family and work commitments, and may not be able to spare time with their children often. That said, it’s crucial for parents to maintain good communication with their children in order to let them feel parents’ love and care. Hence, parents can allocate a specific play time with their children to create space for parent-child communication.” 

     The “Playtime with Children” exhibition panels contain significant content, sharing information with parents on subjects such as “Why to Play” and “How to Play”, as well as introducing various parent-child games. The Roving Exhibition also includes a video gallery and a Light Family photo booth corner. The “Playtime with Children” board game will also be distributed as a souvenir. The last exhibition will be held at the Trend Plaza on August 27 and 28. The activities are open from noon to 6pm. All activities in the venue are free of charge and souvenirs will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis.

     In addition, Mr Sze encouraged parents and children to participate in the video production competition on parent education called “Light Up a Bright Future with Your Child” organised by the EDB. They can use videos to show how to establish a good parent-child relationship and also take the opportunity to share quality time together during the summer holiday. 

     The competition is divided into four groups, namely the Primary Group, the Secondary Group, the Parent-child Group and the Open Group. The Most Liked Award for each group will be selected through public voting in October this year. All those interested in participating in the competition can visit the activity website (www.parent.edu.hk/en/article/video_competition) for application and submission of entries by August 31.

     The Positive Parent Campaign has all along been promoting positive parent education through extensive and diversified channels to foster parents’ positive thinking and the proper ways and attitudes of raising children. The objective is to foster a positive and optimistic mindset among parents in nurturing their children, with a view to helping their children learn effectively and grow happily. For information on the Positive Parent Campaign, please visit the EDB’s Smart Parent Net website (www.parent.edu.hk/en/home).