The team at Zero Longevity Science invites you to tap into the power of intermittent fasting and community with a fasting-focused national holiday.

For the past few years, health and wellness-conscious people around the world have come together for National Fasting Day in August. The goal? Complete a 16:8 intermittent fast – which consists of a 16-hour fasting period with an 8-hour eating window – on 8/16 alongside thousands of other fasting enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a frequent intermittent faster or have been curious to start, National Fasting Day is a great time to come together and experience the benefits of 16:8 fasting with the support of others around the world.

Intermittent fasting is not a new practice, but it has gained attention in recent years as a science-backed tool for long-term, sustainable weight loss and health gain, according to a 2020 research review by Welton et al. Routine fasting can help manage stress levels, support our bodies’ natural circadian rhythm, reduce risk of chronic disease, enhance metabolic flexibility, and, ultimately, extend our lifespans.

Everybody fasts naturally to some extent, but people who are purposeful about their nutrition and their fast duration are investing in their own longevity. “The 16:8 fast is so popular because of all the evidence that shows it supports circadian biology, promotes metabolic health, and fits even the busiest schedules,” said Rich LaFountain Ph.D., a writer at Zero Longevity Science.

To celebrate National Fasting Day, download a fasting app – like Zero – and set your fasting timers on August 16th for a 16-hour fast and an 8-hour eating window, also known as a 16:8. Many fasters will choose to start their 16:8 fast after dinner on the 16th, kicking off their fasting window in the evening and continuing until early to mid-day on August 17th when they’ll break their fast with a nutritious meal.

You can also join the 16:8 on 8/16 Challenge in the Zero app to fast with the Zero community, get motivation for future fasts, and receive actionable insights on your progress. To learn more about fasting and how it can help with weight loss, improve longevity, and more, visit

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