Parker Pawn and Jewelry announced that they now have a new service that includes a Certificate of Authenticity with every luxury handbag they sell. This service could not be more timely.

The luxury purse industry is seeing more and more counterfeit handbags decreasing buyer confidence.

Nothing is worse than spending a large sum of money on a luxury handbag like Louis Vuitton or Prada to find out later the bag is fake.

With new technical skills, the counterfeit industry is becoming more skilled at manufacturing look a like and fake merchandise. A skilled pawnbroker will use a authenticity tool or app and be able to stand behind their authenticity services with confidence.

At all of Parker Pawn’s location they can authenticate what they sell and they now provide a certification. For more information contact them at:

Parker Pawn

Melanie Keefe

(910) 321-0500



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