Disrupt Minds has recently announced that they have partnered with leading companies in their domain to unlock growth for both parties and enable their clients for better and improved technology solutions. They are firm that the power of the ecosystem and these collaborations can help them serve more value to their customers and strengthen their service line. They are committed to serving their clientele with more control over contemporary services.

In a statement, their CEO quoted: “We previously partnered with a UK-Based tech company in developing their mobile app that aims to target the business community within the United Kingdom. Through this, business owners can share their business needs/projects and find potential companies. Also, they can conduct seminars/webinars and workshops for business owner meet-ups within the United Kingdom to help them grow in their business network.”

As per the brief, this is one of the few projects they have completed in the past. Disrupt Minds is ready to make a positive impact with more command. As per the leadership, Disrupt Minds is actively seeking more strategic partnerships to drive growth in the short and long term.

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Muhammad Bin Habib





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