Compelling fact-based fiction novel entitled “AMIA” by John Myles Rigden is released by New Generation Publishing

1st book in the Kaplan Trilogy involving the self-destructive actions of warring factions of Mossad and Hezbollah

About the Book:

AMIA is a thrilling and compelling story based on true events that encompass a series of self-destructive acts between Hezbollah and two Mossad agents who have both been assigned to the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires.

This story is one of hate, abhorrence and deception where the conflict between these two parties sees favour change from one side to the other where their entwinement is one of cat-and-mouse until the final culmination of self-destruction!

The end of the novel creates the final arena of impending self-annihilation where the finale is highly descriptive, volatile, and destructive where this theatre of violence brings an end to the hate and revulsion that has been festering and harbouring within these characters throughout the entire storyline.

Excerpt from “AMIA: The Kaplan Trilogy – Book 1”:

“Ahmed ripped off her hijab and the tape from her mouth and threw them both away in the bushes, she was told in no uncertain terms that she would not need that where she was heading.

Ahmed thrust his pistol in her face, and told her in Arabic, “We are now heading to Buenos Aires, if you want me to put an end to your miserable, worthless life right here and now as we did with your friends, it can be done, but if you want to live, you had better stay quiet and stay silent and don’t do or say anything stupid or make any unwelcome movements during the trip back to the city.”

Ahmed asked the woman once again if that was clear. She replied with only a cowering nod. Ahmed warned her, “The gun will be pointing at you at all times during the journey to the capital where I will have no issues in using it if you start to create a scene or give me any problems, I will remind you once again, you are a wanted terrorist and a fugitive and that all of Argentina are searching for you and your colleagues, my actions would not be looked upon ungratefully.”

At this point, she started to whimper and cry and said that she would do anything that we asked and that she did not want any problems with us or the authorities, she said that she was now afraid after seeing what we did to her friends on the boat.

Once again Ahmed reiterated, “If we are stopped by the police at a checkpoint, you must behave normally and impeccably, a single note of resistance and I will kill you in front of the police. We are both Israeli operatives and we have very little interest in your life or anything else in your deranged world of terror. The choice is yours, stay silent or join your friends somewhere else with Allah.”

She continued to cry and said she did not want any trouble as she was with child! This took us both aback a little, but in this game, you tend not to believe anything you hear, everyone is deceitful and everyone is a pathological liar, but if she is telling the truth, that could be an advantage for us at a later date.

I decided to bypass Ahmed and helped her pick herself up from her knees where she was put in the 4×4, she was now a lot calmer and appeared to understand what we were trying to get across to her, I removed the ties from her hands, and she was as expected, silent.”

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