Philadelphia-based sleep coaching company launches first-of-its-kind guarantee program to ensure children’s sleep success.

Since 2015, Tiny Transitions has boasted a peerless track record of helping children from infants to toddlers sleep through the night. Now, they are taking it one step further to ensure sleep success by offering the first guarantee of its kind in the sleep coaching industry.

“There are countless parents in desperate need of the relief that sleep training can provide, but they may be nervous to commit because they fear that the coaching won’t work,” said Courtney Zentz, Tiny Transitions President. “We want to remove that barrier so families can get the help that they need to function at their best.”

Tiny Transitions provides pediatric sleep training through their “slumber squad” — a team of sleep coaches based around the country who provide in-home and virtual consultations to get children on healthy sleep schedules.

Tiny Transitions’ money-back guarantee applies to private coaching services. The terms are based on a “you do the work, we do the work” arrangement, providing a full refund to parents as long as they can show that they have upheld their end of the sleep training bargain.

Zentz initiated the guarantee to assure parents that Tiny Transitions is as committed to their child’s sleep as they are. “We’re sending a message that we take our sleep consulting very seriously,” said Zentz. “Not all companies have the level of coaching and experience that we do, and in this space, you get what you pay for. We provide science-backed, customized sleep consulting to help families attain their sleep goals, which we help them establish at the onset of the program. We want parents to know that we are all working as a team for the same outcome: a rested and balanced child.”

Zentz became a certified sleep consultant after feeling her own life crumbling due to sleeplessness. She quit her corporate job to start a family, only to find herself in a fog of exhaustion and desperation when her baby wouldn’t sleep through the night. “I felt that I was failing as a parent, and, for the first time, I just couldn’t get a handle on things. I had a baby who cried around the clock, and I couldn’t fix it. I felt anxious and alone.”

Zentz launched Tiny Transitions to keep other parents out of this situation and has now helped over 2,500 families return to healthy sleep patterns. Rather than adhering to one rigid sleep methodology, Tiny Transitions coaches create gentle, personalized sleep plans based on each child and family’s unique needs. Zentz also mentors sleep coaches around the country through her Sleep Coach Success Lab®, helping them scale their businesses so they can serve more families in need.

Tiny Transitions was honored as a “Top Sleep Consultant in the U.S.” by Tuck. They have been featured by Romper, Parentology, Yahoo, Thrive Global, and Fatherly. To learn more about the company or their money-back guarantee, visit

About Tiny Transitions

Tiny Transitions aims to help families build healthy sleeping habits and restore order in their homes. They offer a completely unique approach to sleep coaching and sleep training.