New book offers a faith-based look at science, tech, engineering, ag/art, and math

Faith & STEAM, LLC, has announced the release of their very first book by Wendy A. Taylor, ‘Christian STEAM’.

This all-new book takes a unique look at the “STEAM” subjects of science, technology, engineering, agriculture/art, and math. ‘Christian STEAM’ was written as a way to bridge the gap that exists between faith and science.

“You can believe in the Creator while studying science,” said Taylor.

Her book is designed to teach youth ages 10-17 how to walk in their faith while also learning about the world around them.

Within the book, readers will find plentiful scripture references and opportunities for hands-on application. Currently, hard copies of ‘Christian STEAM’ are available, and the e-book version is coming soon.

Faith & STEAM, LLC, was founded to offer a variety of products and books with visual reminders of Christian faith. Taylor, who is the company’s founder, is a mother of three, theologian, Southeastern Director for Multicultural Educational Programs, Inc., and member of The Atlanta Black Chambers Chair of Community Services Committee.

More information about Taylor and ‘Christian STEAM’ can be found at

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Faith & STEAM, LLC, delivers products offering visual reminders of God’s promises and love.