Nationwide Real Estate announced, today, that it has increased expansion of its acquisition teams to meet strong growth throughout markets nationwide.

Nationwide Real Estate announced that it has increased the expansion of its acquisition teams across the country in order to meet strong growth in business and markets nationwide. The company stated its investment and acquisition strategy includes institutional quality, investment grade single-family residential properties, multifamily properties, distressed properties in need of repair, vacant lots, mobile homes, RV parks, hunting land and commercial properties nationwide.

This announcement is the result of the ongoing success of the company’s aggressive growth and expansion plans.

A Nationwide Real Estate spokesperson stated, “Market demand has led to a natural expansion of the Nationwide Real Estate buying teams and services focused on the sector. We’ve achieved substantial progress in our continued growth and expansion strategy which can be traced to our comprehensive platform for the acquisition, finance and disposition of real property assets nationwide. We’re really excited and we will continue to execute against our strategy focused on select acquisitions, investments and development projects that meet strict due diligence and acquisition criteria. Our teams and beefed-up capabilities provide us with a great opportunity to focus on adding value to our operational and financial models and ultimately ROI.”

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Nationwide Real Estate is a privately held company focused on the acquisition of real estate assets. The company is focused on select acquisitions, investments and development projects that meet strict due diligence and qualitative and quantitative acquisition criteria nationwide. Nationwide Real Estate has a simple process designed to provide property owners with top dollar and a quick hassle free cash offer so they can sell their property fast.

The Nationwide Real Estate team is headed by seasoned industry veterans who leverage their experience in real estate and proven success to provide a range of strategic advisory services in mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, capital markets, management, operations and corporate finance. The Nationwide executives have a proven track record of success in acquisitions, fundraising & capital markets.

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