LCSD’s response to media enquiries


     In response to media enquiries about the three short-term measures to protect the safety of performers, staff members and audiences, a spokesman for the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) stressed today (August 2) that these are stopgap measures which would only be applicable to performing venues under the LCSD.

     The spokesman added that the LCSD had contacted major hirers who have booked its venues before the end of September before the announcement of the measures to explain these short-term measures. In fact, most of the performances under the LCSD’s performing venues in these two months will not be affected. On the allegation that the use of moving light, mirror ball and projectors at the venues will not meet the new requirements, the spokesman said that this is a misunderstanding and these kinds of installations can continue to be used. The so-called “brought-in mechanical devices” refer to facilities that are not provided by the venues and those are more complicated installations which require the approval of registered professionals. Ordinary mechanical devices will not fall within this scope and do not require checks by competent persons.

     On the requirement on hirers to conduct daily inspection of the mechanical devices by a competent person whom LCSD agrees to assure safe working, the spokesman explained that competent persons refer to those trained with actual experience commissioned by the hirers with the consent of the LCSD. Most of the arts groups can arrange qualified stage working staff and registered professional engineers are not required.