The Charitable Foundation Rodyny Veseloho bought the famous picture at an auction in Lviv. Soon, it will be sent to Ukrainian diasporas around the world.

On July 16, a thematic exhibition was held in Drohobych, Lviv region. It included Borys Groh’s famouspainting with the warship and was complemented by a Khas charity rap concert. The money collected during the charity event will be spent on the purchase of ambulances for the needs of Eastern Ukraine.

The Charitable Foundation Rodyny Veseloho (Veselyy Family) purchased the original painting and a stamp based on the illustration at a charity auction in Lviv as part of the “1000 Cars of Freedom” project. The raised funds were spent on purchasing two ambulances.

Groh’s painting will not stay in Drohobych either. It is to be sent on a charity tour along cities in Canada and Europe.

“There, the Ukrainian diaspora representatives together with charitable foundations that are helping Ukraine in this difficult time will receive the picture. They will also hold local exhibitions and fundraise for Ukraine,” Andriy Veselyy clarifies.

The painting by Borys Groh became the basis for the legendary Ukrposhta stamp. More than 800,000 such stamps were sold on the first day of sales.

The «Charitable Foundation Rodyny Veseloho» was created by Andriy Veselyy in 2013 to take care of those in need.

About Charitable Foundation Rodyny Veseloho

The charitable organization «Charitable Foundation Rodyny Veseloho» was created by Andriy Veselyy in 2013, in particular, to help servicemen and families of deceased defenders. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia on February 24, 2022, the Foundation has created a logistics hub in Drohobych and now it takes care of humanitarian aid for displaced persons, material aid for military units, and transfers personal protective equipment and transport to the front line.