The author aims to help his audience love themselves more and unlock their limitless potential through his compelling book

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“This is a simple guide to unlocking the mind’s vault to limitless potential.” Donald H. Lacy II

Donald H. Lacy II lives by the axiom “Change is done over time and change is personal,” and this he aims to impart to his readers through his guide to building self-love and self-awareness, titled “Trading Today for a Better Tomorrow” (ReadersMagnet; 2022).

The author presents to readers a guide to helping them become a newer and better version of themselves. In “Trading Today for a Better Tomorrow,” he stresses the importance of looking beyond the here and now to live a fulfilling new life (as meant by the title of the book). He reminds readers of their responsibility to improve their overall mental health and well-being, starting by loving themselves, adding that the only thing anyone can control in their life is themselves.

“It is important for each person to find the love for the most important person in their life,” said the author. “The person is self. To love yourself you must first become self-aware. To become self-aware, we must know who we truly are and how we became who we are.”

For the author, this is achievable by getting rid of negative perceptions, learning from criticisms, making life adjustments, and learning from the examples of other people.

“I started reading autobiographies and studying the lives of those who had reached higher planes in life,” the author wrote in the introduction of “Trading Today for a Better Tomorrow.” “I realized that regardless of what anyone said or thought of them, they never strayed away from their goals and dreams. Instead, they used negative feedback as the driving force behind what they desired to accomplish.

“Once I realized that they learned from every failed endeavor and changed how they addressed those situations, I realized I could do the same things.”

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“Trading Today for a Better Tomorrow”

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Author Bio

Donald Lacy went into the youth ministry in 1990 and has had a desire to make a difference in the lives of others through his private works. He is the Father of eight children: Aastasshia, Christian, Danielle, Gabrielle, Isaiah, Elijah, Jemimma, and Hanna (God rest her soul). He currently resides in Chandler, Arizona, with his daughter Gabrielle and sees his other children weekly.