A Mother’s love is unconditional as that of Christ, and sometimes the right time never comes to reveal the words from our hearts to our loved ones. The purpose of this book is to allow mothers to communicate their messages of love and legacy to their daughters and have in turn blessed the lives of all of God’s daughters.

Our powerful list of Contributing Authors includes:

Kearn Cherry, Dr. Nakita Davis, Ellis Marie Roach, Artisa Felder, Teri Donelson, Von Griggs, Omeakio Tucker, Chastity Sonier, Vanessa J. Ross, Teara Stewart, Dr. Enola Pillard, Michelle Anderson-Benjamin, Angelon Nelson, Brenda Sawyer, Dr. Bridget Williams, Vera Thomas, Tyeisha Brewer, Dr. Rosalynn Thyssen, Cheryl Sanford, Celeste Payne, Shana Gourdine, Dr. Dawn Menge, Elizabeth Crawford, Latasha Ramsey-Cyprian, Cindy Rogers, Dr. Josephine Harris, Monique Doutrive, Sherrell D. Mims, Tiffanie Page-Collazo, Constance Woulard, Kaneisha Harper

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