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Children are and will always be the future of the nation from which they are raised, and as such, the level of care and development directed toward their growth should be of the utmost importance to their parents. As medical knowledge has steadily improved over time, so has our understanding of what it takes to raise a strong and healthy child.

An excellent compilation of such knowledge would be with Dr. Niru Prasad’s book titled “A Guide to Navigating Childhood Development and Wellbeing.” It consists of quick and easy-to-follow reference guides that summarise the author’s 30 years of experience in the pediatric field along with her experiences of being a mother and grandmother, allowing its readers to develop their children with care and proper temperament brought upon through robust and rigorous clinical care.

The book has been a wealth of knowledge that readers everywhere have commented nothing but the highest regards as its information is based on the experience of a professional entails a sense of reassurance on its effectiveness.

A Guide to Navigating Childhood Development and Wellbeing

Written by: Niru Prasad, MD

Kindle: $2.59/$5.00

Paperback: $35.37/$17.99

Hardcover: $62.80/$32.99

Copies of this incredibly informative book are available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and GoToPublish, with small differences in price depending on which site you visit. Widen your understanding of childhood development by grabbing a copy immediately.

About the Author

The author is a retired emeritus pediatrician with Beaumont Hospital, a contingent senior staff pediatrician at Henry Ford and St. Joseph Hospitals.

She received her medical degree in Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine in India and did her residency and fellowship at Children’s Hospital in Michigan.

She is also a recipient of the American Medical Association Physician Recognition Award, an example of one of many awards she has earned throughout her life. For more details on the author herself visit her webpage: doctorniruprasad.com.