The degradation damage caused by UV radiation includes: color fading, deterioration of mechanical properties, and the formation of visible defects such as cracks.

According to different mechanisms of action, light stabilizers can be divided into the following categories: the light screener, UV absorber, quencher as well as free radical scavenger.

“As derivatives of 2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine, hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS) are the most commonly used and most efficient light stabilizers against light-induced degradation for most polymers. Ultraviolet (UV) absorbers are another type that act by shielding the interior of plastic parts from damaging UV radiation. The other commonly seen light stabilizers are benzotriazoles, benzophenones, and organic nickel compounds,” said the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry. “However, only the combined use of HALS and UV absorbers will achieve the best synergistic effect, making it superior to either type of light stabilizer when used alone.”

Currently, a diversified line of light stabilizer chemicals make their debut at Alfa Chemistry, qualified to serve as additives for the plastics and rubber industries. Below are some of the light stabilizers provided by Alfa Chemistry:

Tinuvin-1130 (CAS 104810-48-2), 2-(2-hydroxy-4-methoxyphenyl)-4,6-diphenyl-1,3,5-triazine (CAS 106556-36-9), infrared absorber 858 (1135933-68-4), homosalate (CAS 118-56-9), 1,3-diphenyl-1,3-propanedione (CAS 120-46-7), 2-(2h-benzothiazol-2-yl)-6-(dodecyl)-4-methylphenol (CAS 125304-04-3), bis(1-octyloxy-2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-4-piperidyl) sebacate (CAS 129757-67-1), iscotrizinol (CAS 154702-15-5), 1-butyl-2-[7-(1-butyl-1h-benzo[cd]indol-2-ylidene)-hepta-1,3,5-trienyl]-benzo[cd]indolium hexafluorophosphate (CAS 1610514-96-9), 4-[4,6-bis(2,4-dimethylphenyl)-1,3,5-triazin-2-yl]-1,3-benzenediol (CAS 1668-53-7), 2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-4-piperidinyl stearate (CAS 167078-06-0), light stabilizer 292 (CAS 41556-26-7), infrared absorber 637 (CAS 54268-70-1), octinoxate (CAS 5466-77-3), etc.

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