Goodera, the world’s largest volunteering platform, and RaisedBy.Us (RBU), the only nonprofit dedicated to helping next-generation employers amplify their social good in the world, have collaborated on a strategic partnership that will offer a 1-stop solution for impact consulting and volunteering opportunities for customers.

Goodera and RaisedBy.Us have announced a strategic partnership to provide companies with robust, seamless solutions, enabling them to drive social impact through employee volunteering and philanthropy. Through this partnership, Goodera will support RaisedBy.Us’ clients in planning and scaling their volunteering programs, while RaisedBy.Us will provide consulting services for CSR and corporate giving to Goodera’s clients.

What this partnership means for the social good industry: 

As the world returns to business as usual, organizations are facing hurdles when it comes to meaningfully engaging their workforces who might be on-site or distributed. A partnership that packages employee volunteering with Goodera’s experiences and scalable impact strategy consulting with RaisedBy.Us is an excellent fit for employers.

Furthermore, millennials and Gen-Z, two demographics that comprise most of the workforce, need more than remuneration and perks to feel engaged at work, turning corporate purpose and social giving into ‘must-haves’. Goodera and RaisedBy.Us’ partnership provides holistic solutions for businesses to design impactful and engaging CSR programs and volunteering opportunities to implement them, creating an elevated experience for all parties involved.

RaisedBy.Us helps high-growth companies build and run CSR and employee give-back programs that help individuals and businesses support the causes they care about through charitable giving, volunteering, and community activism. RBU helps these organizations succeed in the social good space by providing them the tools needed to implement a comprehensive social good strategy that is embedded in company culture, not just an add-on.

Combining to contribute – how this partnership benefits non-profits and employees:

Goodera’s curated team-based in-person, hybrid and virtual volunteering experiences combined with RaisedBy.Us’ easy-to-use plug-and-play functionality will allow employers to engage their workforce better and structure their social outreach more effectively. The partnership will also benefit nonprofits by empowering employees and organizations to exert greater control over their volunteering experience.

Abhishek Humbad, Founder and CEO of Goodera, says, “We have known Jessica and team for a while and are very excited about this strategic partnership with RaisedBy.Us. They are an amazing team of experienced CSR and workplace impact professionals. We at Goodera view this collaborative effort with RaisedBy.Us as a step in the right direction that will enable RaisedBy.Us’ expertise in employee give-back programs to sync with Goodera’s purpose-driven experiences, creating richer, more meaningful avenues for social good.”

Jessica Sloan, CEO and Executive Director of RaisedBy.Us says “We are thrilled to launch this partnership with Goodera and further our collective impact. Goodera offers extensive options for employees located all over the world to give back to causes they care about. Recognizing that giving is not one size fits all, our ability to provide employees with even more opportunities to make a difference in ways that are personally meaningful to them is a win for everyone involved. ”

About Goodera:

Goodera is the world’s largest volunteering platform. Its volunteering platform allows companies to access various curated virtual, hybrid, and in-person volunteering opportunities and social causes. Goodera’s 400+ clientele list includes 60 Fortune 500 companies, and it works with 50,000+ non-profit organizations across 100+ countries. Since its inception, Goodera has onboarded and engaged up to 7 million corporate volunteers with various in-person, virtual, and hybrid activities worldwide.

About RaisedBy.US:

RaisedBy.Us (RBU) is the only nonprofit dedicated to helping next-generation employers amplify their social good in the world. RBU unlocks the collective power of workplaces to do good in order to create a more just and equitable future for all. Its north star is raising as many charitable dollars as possible for causes all over the world through programs that are designed to educate and empower people to take action. RBU’s network includes 20,000+ employees at high-growth companies across four continents. Since its inception, RBU has directed over $10M to thousands of the most-deserving global causes.