AgriGate Australia, Pty, Ltd, Exporter of Premium Australian Fresh Produce, Donated 800 Whole Fresh Chickens to Oz Harvest, Australia, a leading food rescue organisation, helping people in need across the country.

AgriGate Australia, Pty, Ltd, exporter of premium Australian fresh produce, donated 800 whole fresh chickens to Oz Harvest, Australia, a leading food rescue organisation, helping people in need across the country.

AgriGate is a fast growth agribusiness and technology company that accelerates the export of premium Australian food through the adoption of their patented technologies. The company has developed a vertically integrated supply chain through which they currently export beef, lamb, dairy and Australian fruits to Asia. AgriGate seeks to enable farmers to scale the exports of their produce without incurring the significant additional costs of intermediaries and low value margin takers included in the traditional supply chains.

AgriGate Australia is recognized for their innovative technology, enabling real-time traceability of the product, ensuring transparency, efficiency and quality in the agriculture industry. As a major exporter of premium produce to Asia, AgriGate Australia understands the importance of giving back to their local community. Joining forces with Oz Harvest was an easy decision for Founder and CEO, Peter Askew.

AgriGate Australia strives to recreate prosperity in rural and regional Australia through the acceleration of exports for premium produce and creating new market access for producers. Oz Harvest was an easy choice for AgriGate Australia. The organisation saves surplus food from ending up in landfill and delivers it to charities that help feed people in need. Both entities share the same mission and are committed to halving food waste by 2030. Oz Harvest intends to inspire and influence others to do the same, transforming lives through education.

Bernardo Tobias, OzHarvest State Manager, Victoria said such a large donation of fresh produce was gratefully received. “A huge thank you to Agrigate for donating 800 chickens to OzHarvest. With rising cost of living, ensuring enough people have access to fresh and nutritious food is our priority.  This donation was delivered to one of the charities we support, Helping Hands who run a community pantry providing emergency relief to families in the Northern and Western suburbs.  This will be a huge help to so many struggling to put food on the table right now.”

For more information on AgriGate Australia, please visit the company’s Linkedin Page.