Leverages the Experience of Leading Investors across All Asset Classes on How to Invest Responsibly

Scott Arnell, a founding partner of Geneva Capital S.A., an alternative investment advisory firm specializing in sustainable & responsible investment opportunities, announced today the release of his new book Sustainable and Responsible Investing 360º : Lessons Learned from World Class Investors (SRI 360º).

Published by Rowman & Littlefield – and available today on Amazon, online book dealers, and bookstores – Sustainable and Responsible Investing 360º (SRI 360º) is the first book of its kind to draw directly from the experience and knowledge of the world’s leading sustainable fund investors.

“We spent countless hours interviewing 26 experts in the SRI market and then gleaned the most pertinent insights to include in this book,” said author Scott Arnell. “Leveraging the wealth of knowledge these highly experienced professionals impart, readers can more confidently identify the types of funds that that align with their sustainable and responsible investment goals.”

In recent years, there’s been significant growth in assets and flows into sustainable investment funds. In fact, global sustainable fund assets tripled in the past three years according to Morningstar data.

“There’s incredible interest in this class of funds, not only from individual investors but from family offices and wealth management firms looking to add these options to their menu of offerings,” explains Arnell. “My goal with this book is to reveal how these practitioners integrate non-financial criteria into their investment decisions, and successfully achieve environmental and social impact in the world while achieving market-rate, or better, financial returns.”

Early reviews of the book are quite favorable, with industry icons such as Sir Ronald Cohen, Chair, Global Steering Group for Impact Investment recommending Arnell’s SRI 360º “to any investor who cares about creating a better future for communities everywhere.”

In addition to the book’s publication, Arnell is also hard at work on a companion web site where investors can find exclusive articles, extended interviews from the book’s interview subjects, webinars, and lessons learned from professional investors who are driving positive change with market returns that go beyond the niceties of SRI for a wide range of professional and private investors.

“Responsible investments are making up a larger part of financial portfolios with investors around the world,” indicates Arnell. “That said, you want to make sure your portfolios are authentic and not susceptible to so-called ‘greenwashing’. This book gives you the firsthand experience and sound advice, from seasoned responsible-investment professionals working in the industry that you can apply to inform your own investment strategies.”

To order a copy of SRI 360 visit: https://www.amazon.com/Sustainable-Responsible-Investing

Or visit the SRI 360 Website:  http://www.sri360.com

About Scott Arnell

R. Scott Arnell is the founding partner of Geneva Capital S.A., an alternative investment advisory firm based in Geneva, Switzerland specializing in sustainable & responsible investment opportunities. Since founding Geneva Capital, he has focused on mobilizing private equity investment into companies and investment funds primarily in Europe, Asia and emerging/frontier markets. Prior to founding Geneva Capital, Arnell had over 20 years of international financial & business management experience serving in senior executive international financial & business operations management roles at multiple Fortune 500 companies in the consumer products, high-tech and internet telecoms sectors. He has extensive business experience in Europe, Asia and Latin America and lives in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Mexico.