Matt King, Republican candidate for State Representative for Ohio’s new 46th House District, receives the highest rating possible of “Highly Recommended” by the Butler County Republican Party Screening Committee.

“I will fight for your freedoms and ensure that our government will never shut down businesses and schools ever again and I will defend your 2nd amendment right, medical freedoms and the unborn.” King continued, “I believe life begins at conception and I am proud to receive the endorsement of the Cincinnati Right to Life.”

Matt King is also endorsed by the Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones and Commissioner TC Rogers.

Matt King has positioned himself to be a political outsider in this race and is seeking the 46th House Seat, which consists of Liberty Township, Middletown, Monroe, Madison Township, Lemon Township and St. Clair Township. The Republican primary election will be on August 2.

King is a businessman with backgrounds in education, real estate, aviation and energy.

“I believe that we need people in office with real world experience. Everything is going up – inflation, property taxes and gas prices. I have the business background that Ohio needs,” Matt King added.

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