Sterling Hair Solutions has patented a new tool every stylist needs to dry hair extensions in 30 minutes

Jody Sterling of Sterling Hair Solutions was granted her second patent this year for her hair drying technology aptly named, Dry Assist. Clients and stylists will now be able to save time with the inventor’s drying products specifically designed for drying hair extensions. The only catch? It is not in production just yet!

Jody Williams Sterling Founder & inventor at Sterling Hair Solutions is an African-American woman inventor with 33 years of salon experience. Sterling owns the first patented commercial hair extension dryer known for drying hair extension on and off the consumer’s head. The mission behind Sterling Hair Solutions is simply to provide stylists with efficiency. Sterling dryers save stylists time in the hair care process for extensions. In tandem, salon goers that like to re-use extensions will also save time by waiting less time for their stylists to properly dry their units or hair pieces.

Dry Assist by Sterling Hair Solutions was granted a patent on February 7, 2022. Its unique design is hands-free with an adjustable stand for product versatility. The powerful unit focuses on drying the foundation of hair extension installs to prevent mold and hair damage. Dry Assist’s dry time can be as little as 30 minutes. Unlike the 2017 patented Sterling Dryer, the Dry Assist is used like a hooded dryer when the extensions are already on the head.

Sterling states, “The typical way of drying extensions is blow-drying the hair for an hour or more,” She continues, “This process can leave the hair brittle or even worse, take away time from both the stylist and client.”. Sterling created the first commercial extension dryer 5 years ago to give salons efficiency by creating a unit with multiple drying racks. Sterling Dryer also boasts features that include UV Light to eliminate bacteria, an Ion option to soften the hair, and racks that accommodate various hair lengths. Both dryers from the company are portable and lightweight.

Professionals that work in the hair care industry know that there is no time to air-dry extensions, so many sacrifice their time using a blow dryer or hooded dryers that can leave the hair drying unevenly. As more women across the world are using hair extensions, salons and hair stylists need assistance handling this demanding type of hair maintenance.

The founder admitted in an April 2022 podcast interview with The Regular Network, the founder admitted to bootstrapping her business, quickly staging that era is over. Currently, the company is going through its seed round of investments to turn the patent earning concept into a reality for the beauty industry. Discover more about Dry Assist, Jody Williams Sterling, and Sterling Hair Solutions by visiting the official website

About Sterling Hair Solutions

Sterling Hair Solutions is innovating as the action or process of innovating a new method, idea, or product. Sterling Hair Solutions is innovating technology is being designed in, firstly the hair and beauty industry and secondly the hair extension market.

Sterling Hair Solutions’ mission is to develop and deliver the best innovative technology, user experience, and products for the health and beauty industry. Sterling Hair Solutions will do this by providing next generation technology and design.