While the world still suffers from the impact on both mental and physical health of the global COVID-19 pandemic, its economic impact along with the looming recession mean financial anxiety is also dramatically increasing.

Rick Kahler of Advanced Wellbeing is a fee-only Certified Financial Planner (CFP), one of the first Certified Financial Therapists-Level I (CFT-I™) in the nation, and a Certified Internal Family Systems (IFS℠) Practitioner. He and his team serve the needs of an international clientele with expertise in a unique approach to financial therapy.

More financial knowledge is not enough to overcome financial illiteracy and financial anxiety or change harmful money behaviors. These are emotional issues that can be resolved with financial therapy. Financial anxiety and stress are not related to how much money you earn or have in the bank. Regardless of your net worth, you may feel anxious about making financial decisions or struggle to change harmful financial behaviors like excessive consumption, spending more than you earn, and extreme financial risk-taking.

As one of the founders of financial therapy, Rick Kahler believes in taking healthy steps towards financial recovery. In his words, “Financial illiteracy, harmful financial behaviors, inability to save, and unnecessary consumption are issues that plague more than half of all Americans. Clients come to me for financial therapy because of concerns like an inability to pay bills on time, financial paralysis and fear, struggles with managing consumption, struggles with overspending, struggles with underspending, lack of financial trust in a marriage, and just feeling stuck around money decisions.”

Advanced Wellbeing is an international financial therapy firm founded by Rick Kahler that focuses on helping people who suffer the consequences of having a poor relationship with money. Rick has 40 years of experience in holistic financial planning and is also one of the founders of the Financial Therapy Association. As Rick and his team help you to explore the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs behind your money behaviors, you will be able to make more sound financial decisions and enjoy a better relationship with money.

Advanced Wellbeing services are provided through a simple payment model broken down on a per-session basis. Users pay $275 for a 60-minute session and $395 for a 90-minutes session. A typical session will explore your current behaviors and help you understand how they formed and what you can do to change. Even if problematic money behaviors have caused you long-term anxiety and resulted in painful financial consequences, it is not too late. Financial therapy can help you make changes and move toward financial wellbeing.

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