Attorney Ebru Ekşioğlu’s new book, “How Did They Succeed in the U.S.,” tells the success story of how seventeen Turks in the US

The book sheds light on the lives of seventeen people, many Turkish-born business people and scientists, who received their undergraduate education in Turkey and later settled in the United States to realize their dreams.

There is little information that each has achieved outstanding success in their fields. It reveals how they felt during the period when they “sailed into the unknown” and what they struggled for on the way to success.

When asked why she thought of such a book project, Ekşioğlu answered, “It was a two year work for me. I published the book to introduce the successful people in this book to the young people in Turkey; I wanted to set examples for them on the matter and to help them expand their vision while they are chasing their dreams. The book will continue as a series.” The books were distributed to high schools and or university libraries in the U.S.

The Book is called “Amerika’da Nasıl Başardılar?” meaning “How did they succeed in the U.S.”

Here is the list of Turkish-Americans who were recognized for their accomplishments in the field.

Ergün Kirlikovali, Engineer

Eric Erkan Nur, Businessman

Hande Ozdinler, Scientist

Jay Ceyhun Karahan, Judge

Seda Evi̇s, Designer

Ali Cinar, Journalist

Sine Aras Akten, Medical Doctor

Erol Yorulmazoğlu, Medical Doctor

Petek Günay Balatsas, Attorney

Ergi̇n Koçyildirim, Medical Doctor

Şebnem Tuğçe Pala, Businesswoman

Furkan Burak, Medical Doctor

Nesli̇han Hidirligi̇l, Businesswoman

Mehmet Emin Adin, Medical Doctor

Eylül Biilgin, Scientist

Hatice Yavuz, Physiotherapist

Mehmet Oğden, Businessman