The author, inspired by her grandson’s imagination, tries her hand at children’s fantasy.

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“Fairies and Dragons” by Nancy Benson is a touching children’s fantasy story that demonstrates the true value of friendship.

Nancy Benson charms readers with her first children’s story, an enchanting fantasy tale titled, “Fairies and Dragons” (AuthorHouse; 2021).

“Fairies and Dragons” takes place in the land of the tiny fairies. It tells the story of Hunter, a baby dragon who is found by Sylvie, a young fairy, at the magical blue pond. Hunter has been accidentally separated from his family, so the fairies take care of him and help him so he can find his way back home.

Hunter realizes the differences between dragons and fairies yet makes friends. He learns a valuable lesson that even though dragons and fairies are different, they are all connected by a magical bond. They can be friends and live together.

Children will love “Fairies and Dragons,” which abounds with themes of beauty, family, friendship, and community. Through this enchanting story, the young reader will learn to look past one’s appearance, focus on who they are inside, and see the best in them.

Recently, “Fairies and Dragons” was recognized as one of the Honorable Mentions under the Children’s Book category of 2022 San Francisco Book Festival.

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“Fairies and Dragons” was last exhibited at the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference & Exhibition, held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, D.C.

“Fairies and Dragons”

Author | Nancy Benson

Published date | November 2021

Publisher | AuthorHouse

Book retail price | $16.99-$29.99

Author Bio

Nancy Benson lives on the magical island of Maui in Hawaii. She is married, with three kids and has one grandson named Hunter. Her grandson has a very active imagination, which helped inspire her to write her first children’s story.