Super Scoop offers a simple solution for busy moms with inflammatory disorders: inflammation fighting organic superfoods, vitamins and minerals in one daily scoop.

Nichole Brothers is the founder of Super Scoop, an up and coming supplement company which focuses on helping moms with autoimmune disorders.

Nichole is a mom of two and diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is currently in remission. She is leveraging her personal health experience, along with her Holistic Wellness Coaching experience, to bring forth a unique, natural supplement which focuses on inflammation and immune support, particularly for those who are moms as well.

As a busy mom, Nichole understands the challenges of navigating life with an autoimmune disorder, while also caring for a family. Because of this, her mission is to bring something unique and simple to her fellow autoimmune moms, so they too have the potential to experience symptom relief.

Research shows a correlation between specific vitamins, minerals and superfoods and relief in various inflammatory symptoms. The brand new Super Scoop encompasses these specific elements, all in one convenient scoop.

Super Scoop contains 7 anti-inflammatory superfoods, along with 22 vitamins and minerals one might find in a multivitamin, but with one major difference – the dosage. Super Scoop has very specific dosages which are higher than “typical” multivitamins; Nichole has found this to be the key to her own (and countless others’) symptom relief.

With the help of the specific nutrients found in Super Scoop, Nichole has been able to achieve remission from her autoimmune disorder; she’s currently symptom free.

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