The software helps design powerful digital catalogs to share with customers online.

FlipBuilder is helping creators improve their marketing efforts by digitizing their product catalogs. The company has released a new software tool called Flip PDF Plus Pro to convert PDF to catalog and outshine the competition. With Flip PDF Plus Pro, they can design and share the most powerful digital catalogs with the world. Whether the catalogs contain hundreds of pages, or just a few, Flip PDF Plus Pro offers hassle-free navigation through an interactive table of contents, a smart search tool, a page flip effect, and thumbnails to help them skip to the right pages in seconds.

Flip PDF Plus Pro lets marketers design catalogs that reflect their brand, from the design to the catalog link. They have the freedom to set up custom backgrounds in their unique brand colors, add logos and link them to their e-commerce sites directly. It’s easy to display products on catalog pages and prompt customers to purchase.

“Our software is all-inclusive, allowing you to design and publish your catalogs without leaving our platform,” says Lynn Tang, the customer service head of FlipBuilder. “Whether you’re introducing new product lines or just want to humanize your brand, you can publish it on our cloud platform to make it shareable. From the design process to distribution, we’ve provided the right tools to make your work simple so you can produce as many publications as possible and expand your online reach. We want you to have more avenues to market your products.”

Since the modern shopper is mobile-oriented, Flip PDF Plus Pro has made it possible for businesses to curate mobile-ready content. They can convert PDF to catalog using HTML5 technology to make them responsive on small and large screens. Customers can pull up product catalogs on their smart devices and browse through them to make their orders. Transacting via mobile is a seamless process, thanks to effective marketing tools from Flip PDF Plus Pro. It saves people time to visit the local stores since products and information are delivered right to their doorsteps.

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About FlipBuilder

FlipBuilder is an innovative and professional digital publishing platform, providing best solution to convert static PDF files into wonderful online flipbook. From design to delivery, we focus on simplicity in use and power in function. Unlike traditional printed publications based on paper, you can create an online elegant digital magazine within several steps.