Nearly 48 million Americans are expected to travel 50 miles or more from home this Fourth of July holiday, making it the second largest travel volume on record.

But with rising fuel prices, and commuting traffic below pre-pandemic rates, it’s likely that many travelers could be setting out in a vehicle that hasn’t been used for a while, or that’s only been used for short journeys. And this, according to global vehicle charging specialists, CTEK, means millions of motorists could be harboring a seriously discharged battery, increasing the risk of vehicle breakdown, and risking long term, costly battery damage.

To keep your car battery fully charged for holiday road trips, CTEK’s CS FREE offers four products in one portable unit – a battery charger, an adaptive booster, a hi-tech power bank and a smart maintainer.  Here are four tips for peace of mind on the journey:

Step 1. Charge before you go

Use the CS FREE to get your battery fully charged and in tip-top condition before you leave home, especially if you haven’t used your vehicle for a while or have only been using it for short journeys.

It takes 12.2 to 12.6 volts of battery power just to start the car, so quick trips in urban areas drain the battery because the alternator won’t have the time or capability to replace this charge. In addition, a stationary vehicle can lose 0.1V of energy every month just being parked, especially if your parked vehicle is running an alarm system, onboard computer, remote locking or other electronic system.

But even if you’re using your car regularly, driving around will only charge your battery to approximately 80 percent capacity. To top it up to 100 percent, you’ll always need an efficient battery charger.  Simply plug the CS FREE into the power outlet or another power source, and this smart battery charger will check how much charge you have in your battery and get you fully charged in advance of your trip.

Step 2. Stuck with a dead battery? Use adaptive boost to get you going again

The CS FREE is fully portable, so you never need to worry about being stuck with a dead battery again.

Simply charge the CS FREE before you leave home, and it will hold its charge for up to a year. Then, if you do find yourself stranded, the CS FREE uses patented adaptive boost technology to gently and safely give you enough charge to get you going in around 15 minutes.

This is completely safe for your vehicle’s electronics, unlike most traditional boosters or jump starters which deliver a sharp burst of power to effectively shock the battery into life, risking potential damage to vehicle electronics.

Step 3. Stay connected

The CS FREE isn’t just a battery charger; it’s a high-tech power bank with USB-A and USB-C ports to charge mobile phones, tablets, cameras and other devices while you’re on the road. This means you don’t need to worry about draining battery power from your vehicle, especially if you’re parked or stuck in stationary traffic.

Step 4. Charge smart

Charging your car battery at least once a month prolongs its life by up to three times, so getting yourself into a regular battery maintenance routine makes perfect sense. And, as battery failure can damage or compromise a vehicle’s electronics, a smart charger like the CS FREE is most certainly a worthwhile investment.

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About CTEK

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