Wendell E. Hutchins II’s fascinating book has taken readers on a journey to promising faith.

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“Bishop Wendell Hutchins has written an engaging and persuasive call to holiness for Christian believers. He encourages the reader to choose to live in determined faith, relying on God’s promise given to them through His Word.” – Prof. Mark Youngkin.

The Christian inspirational book “Kicking the Stars: Rediscovering Our Trust in God in the Midst of Crisis” by Wendell E. Hutchins II was displayed by ReadersMagnet at The American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference and Exhibition on June 24-27, 2022, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington DC.

“Kicking The Stars” changed how readers view God after a national catastrophe and a global pandemic. New perspectives allow people to see the works of God from a different perspective. Throughout the book, Hutchins urged readers to put aside their fears and doubts, which are all too familiar in the society, in order to rediscover their dreams and live out the life they were meant to live in accordance with God’s plan for their lives.

“Pastor Hutchins has been a friend and guiding light to me and my family. He’s always there to give me comfort and advice that is well thought out and from a place of love—having Pastor Hutchins as my friend is a gift from God!” – Michael Strahan, NFL Hall of Fame.

Passionate author Wendell E. Hutchins inspired people who have lost trust in the absolutes of truth and the promises of God to believe that their faith still has the great potential to be rewarding.

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“Kicking the Stars: Rediscovering Our Trust in God in the Midst of Crisis”

Author | Wendell E. Hutchins II

Genre | History of Christianity; Christian Church History; Christian Inspirational

Publisher | Westbow Press

Published date | February 25, 2022

Book Retail Price| $11.95


Wendell E. Hutchins II is the Founder and Senior Pastor of The Church of Champions in Houston, Texas. He serves as the Assistant General Overseer of City Harvest Network, overseeing churches worldwide. Outside of the church, he serves on numerous boards, committees, and councils. He resides in Spring, Texas, with his wife, with whom he shares two children and four grandchildren. For more information, please visit http://www.champ.org.