MAN PLUS: Health and Vitality Now Available in the U.S.

Seventy-three percent of men in the U.S. take dietary supplements regularly.

“The Council for Responsible for Nutrition in 2021 reported that almost three-fourths of men in America take dietary supplements for their health,”  said Steven Robinson,  a co-founder of JDS Wholesale Ltd., which makes SIREN and MAN Plus dietary supplements. “That percentage is the highest it has even been.”

Robinson said COVID-19 made everyone, men and women, more preoccupied with their health.

“This is why we developed a product line of dietary supplements to meet the needs of men everywhere,” he added. “Our MAN PLUS: Health and Vitality product helps men live their lives to their fullest.”

The main ingredient in MAN PLUS: Health and Vitality is L-arginine, an amino acid, which may aid athletic performance, regulate blood pressure, and control blood sugar levels.

“We have a developed a dietary supplement with only natural ingredients just for men,” said Jane Culbertson, a co-founder of JDS Wholesale Ltd. “This supplement helps improve stamina and performance.”

MAN PLUS and SIREN dietary supplements for men and women also include:

  • MAN PLUS: Hair, Skin & Nails, which is for men who want a more youthful-looking skin, is fortified with amino acids, collagen, biotin, and zinc. This supplement is for men who want the best-looking version of themselves.
  • MAN PLUS: Summer Skin Plus, which contains Vitamin D3 and Riboflavin, is for men who want a great-looking tan.
  • SIREN: Vitality & Wellness, a vegan-approved, all-natural dietary supplement, is for women who want to feel better and have more energy.
  • SIREN: Hair, Skin & Nails, which contributes to more youthful-looking skin, are fortified with amino acids, collagen, biotin, and zinc. This supplement is for women who love glossier hair, and more enviable-looking nails.
  • SIREN: Summer Skin Plus, which provides a summer tan with minimal sun exposure, contains copper for normal skin pigmentation, vitamin C, iron, riboflavin, and selenium. This supplement is for women who love a great-looking tan.

SIREN Living supplements only use organic grade and sustainably-farmed herbs.

Culbertson and Robinson said MAN PLUS: Health and Vitality promotes overall health.

“We know that men are more health-conscious than ever before,” they said. “In the coming years, it looks like more men will concentrate on their health and grooming. Our MAN PLUS dietary supplements will meet their needs.”

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SIREN Living is a health and wellness company in the United Kingdom that has developed dietary supplements for women and men: SIREN Living and MAN PLUS, which are available on and The supplements are for: Health and Vitality, Hair, Skin, and Nails, and Summer Skin Plus.