This year St. Anne’s Family Services is excited to present their highest honor, the Angel Award, to William Ahmanson and the Ahmanson Foundation, Hilda L. Solis, LA County Supervisor and Melvin Robert of Spectrum News for their dedicated leadership and support to the people they serve. These individuals have contributed significantly to the community and have exhibited heroic efforts through mission-driven initiatives. In addition to presenting the highest honor award, we are thrilled to present the Triumph Award to Joana Perez highlighting her achievements and work in the community.

If you make honoring a community champion a practice on a regular basis – annually, or even monthly – it keeps people thinking about community service all the time. It leads them to consider what is going on in the community, and who is doing work that deserves the award.

“We’ve very grateful for the leaders in our community and for everything they do. This year we’re recognizing the heroes that worked through the pandemic to help others achieve their goals. For the past two years, we weren’t able to host this ceremony, so it feels good to host it again this year.” – Lorna Little

Lorna Little, MSW serves as the President and CEO of St. Anne’s Family Services where she has developed innovative programs for children and families since 2018. Lorna has extensively worked with parenting youth, youth in foster care, and in all aspects of adoption. Leveraging her Master’s Degree in Social work, licensure as a clinical social worker, and a Post Masters Certificate in Foster and Adoption studies, she creates quantifiable results for those who St. Anne’s serves. Lorna proudly utilizes her professional and lived experience to provide the leadership and guidance to carry out the vision and strategy for St. Anne’s Family Services.

St. Anne’s Family Services is an organization driven by a tireless mission of working together to build safe, nurturing and resilient families – from pregnancy to parenthood and childhood to adulthood – for generations to come. Their mission is to provide high-quality housing, early childhood education, mental health and supportive services. St. Anne’s has grown into a premiere social service agency – rising to the challenge of meeting the ever-changing needs of Los Angeles’ most vulnerable populations by offering an array of comprehensive services that promote the safety, resilience and ongoing achievement of the children and families we serve.

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