The DaVinci Dragonfly’s immersion cooling technology drives the next generation in crypto mining with higher performance and near-zero maintenance only on renewable energy

DaVinci 3.0 and The DragonFly Mining System will be unveiled to the world on June 9 at the Consensus 2022 conference in Austin, Texas. The DragonFly boasts the world’s first and most powerful industrial-scale crypto mining architecture.

Housed in a UL-certified, weather-proof exterior and powered by a breakthrough proprietary immersion cooling technology (patents-pending), The DragonFly can be installed indoors or outdoors in just a couple of hours and requires no permits or expert installation.

President and CEO Patrick J. Sweeney II had this to say, “The DaVinci DragonFly is truly a renaissance in crypto mining. We have the first stand-alone industrial-scale mining system and it’s powered by an incredibly innovative immersion cooling technology.”

“As a climate-first company committed to integrating environmental philosophies into every stage of the product and sales process, it’s critical to our mission that we will only sell to clients who contractually agree to use carbon-neutral energy sources,” said Sweeney.

The DaVinci DragonFly is the first industrial-scale Bitcoin mining appliance that has taken a systems approach to mining. “What EMC did for storage and Tesla did for EVs – DaVinci3.0 is doing for Proof of Work,” commented Chief Marketing Officer John Cinquina. “The DragonFly mining system boasts the lowest energy consumption per tera hash in the market and is scalable to dozens of megawatts with zero construction cost. It’s a game-changer.”

The Gen 1 DragonFly will mine at a rate of five Petahash per second and ships from September 1, 2022. The Gen 2 DragonFly will mine at a rate of nine Petahash per second and is scheduled for release in Q1 2023. Both will use approximately 200 kWh of power. The entire DragonFly System is designed and manufactured in the United States leveraging some of the best minds from MIT and Cornell University.

Besides computational output and energy efficiency, DaVinci forecasts the DragonFly to be 20-30% less for total cost of ownership, compared to existing Chinese hardware options. The company’s patent-pending immersion cooling saves electronic waste, reduces noise pollution and boasts near-zero maintenance with a much greater lifespan.

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