The author revels in the fond memories of his life, changes navigated, challenges overcame, successes (and failures) assessed, and adventures enjoyed in this compelling collection of short stories.

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Catch the book display for “Back Roads of My Memory” at the 2022 ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition.

Live. Have fun. Make the most of life. Serve the nation. Raise a family. Build a career in the academe. Bask in the memories of a life well-lived. Dr. Norman Hall did all that, and he lives long enough to share stories from his storied life in his book “Back Roads of My Memory” (LifeRich Publishing; 2018).

“Back Roads of My Memory” is divided into seven parts, which pretty much cover stories from his boyhood, years at college, family, work, and travels, as well as reflections and insights from things he had learned and stories he likes to tell.

“You will be exposed to a variety of my experiences, some 165, to be exact,” wrote Dr. Hall in the book’s introduction. “These experiences cover more than the ninety-four years of my life. I have a great life with many memories. At age ninety-four, I am thankful that I have the back roads of a lifetime of memories to travel and reflect upon.”

Sit up and read intently as Dr. Hall tells a story or two about “The Midnight Ghost,” “The Seventeen Acres of Misery,” “The Crash of the Cotton Market,” “Selling the Milk Cows,” “The Vanishing Wife,” “The Restroom at the Fire Station,” “A Great Small Town,” “The School Board Policy handbook,” “Property Ownership,” and many more.

Dr. Hall’s short stories are sure to delight readers who love nostalgia, especially those who grew up in a rural area where “the roads were mainly dirt and the rural mail carrier was the chief source of news for most families.” This book will take them down memory lane.

Join Dr. Norman Hall as he relives tales of his long and illustrious life. Get a copy of “Back Roads of My Memory” on Amazon.

“Back Roads of My Memory” will be displayed by self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet at their exhibit at booth 1147 for the 2022 American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference & Exhibition on June 23-28, 2022, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington D.C.

“Back Roads of My Memory”

Author | Dr. Norman Hall

Published date | March 29, 2018

Publisher | LifeRich Publishing

Book retail price | Paperback, $20.31; hardback, $42.95

Author bio

At age ninety-four, Dr. Norman Hall is often asked why he is still actively engaged in the field of education. He serves as superintendent of a charter school system with ten campuses throughout Texas. He is in good health and still has ample energy and a strong desire to help young people as they grow toward adulthood.