“With a very unique and well fit slogan “Throwing the box  out the window” Child Producers and Actors, Akyra & Toby Carter, to produce their first film in Las Vegas, NV

“With a very unique and well fit slogan “Throwing the box  out the window” Military Child Producers and Actors, Akyra (soon to be 13) & Toby (12) officially announced their own production company “Military Kids 4 Kids Productions” becoming the YOUNGEST upcoming Producers in Hollywood…

The Carter Kids are gearing up to film their first project : Dust-Off which is based on the military experiences of their mom CEO of Panther Trail Films, Arykas and Ybots, and US Army Veteran Diana Ramos-Santiago Carter; their dad LTC Larry Carter ( Army);  Producer Retired COL Steve Alexander and of course Akyra & Toby.

The entertainment industry is one that is constantly growing & changing. It is not a shock that young actors are interested in bringing theirs stories, ideas, and believes to the screen. While some might think that these kids are to young, Akyra & Toby 3 D’s (Determination, Dedication, & Drive) will take them to the next level. Both have been private coaching on the Do’s & Don’t of filming.

It is highly impressive that they have decide to let faith takes its course & to believe in themselves & their capacity to learn & make things happen. For the past 3 months a lot of work has been going on behind the scenes …their company has acquired 2 Investors, 2 Writers, 2 Producers & 1 Director.

Starring Bruce Soscia as US Army COLONEL Jack O’Neall; Akyra Carter as Jupiter O’Neall; Toby Wayne Carter as Jack O’Neall Jr; Hollywood Actor & Professional former Wrestler, Bishop Stevens as US ARMY MAJ Anderson(others to be announced). Other notable cast include Will B, Aristotle Tsingiropoulos, Dawna Lee Heising, Chance Onody, Armand Madeo, Desi Baldwin, Sasha Kerbell, Mia Rivera and Emilio DiFabio.

Produced by Diana Ramos-Santiago Carter, Harry Karapalides, Bruce Soscia, Akyra Carter, and Toby Wayne Carter. Associate Producers: Dawna Lee Heising, Tom Anderson and Steve Alexander.

Co Directed by Hollywood Director Mike Le ( PTSD: A Soldiers Revenge, Level III, Recipes of Love) & Diana R Carter ( FORBES Nominee Next 1000, CEO of Arykas and Ybots / Panther Trail Films).

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