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Showcasing the public & secret world of UK visual artist Max Couper – including:

• Never-before seen videos of Dame Judi Dench in her 2000 opera debut in Couper’s

Thames-bourne Fleeting Opera with The Royal Opera, Royal Ballet & Deborah Bull.

• Couper’s upcoming Mariners’ Banquet Space project for the University of Antwerp, Belgium, with associated BLOG ¬– the sequel to his River Thames Shrinking Beach 2000 artwork & event with The Bishop of Southwark, The Sec. Gen. of Amnesty International & a UK Army General.

• The 2022 re-opening of the Couper Art Collection Sussex & associated education projects –

in Farm Rd, Hove, Sussex, by appointment to maxcoupercollection ( @ ) outlook dot com

• Video & pictures of Couper’s 2021 In the Time of Covid solo exhibition at the Verbeeck Van Dyck Gallery Antwerp.

• Video & pictures of the Couper Collection on the River Thames by Albert Bridge 1992 – 2014.

• Videos & pictures of Couper’s 1996 & 1997 solo exhibitions & events at The Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp, The Lehmbruck Museum Duisburg, The City of Düsseldorf & The Sprengel Museum Hanover.

“Here’s some gorgeous asteroid art created for the (NASA Psyche) mission by Max Couper.” Prof Dr Lindy Elkins-Tanton, Principle Investigator NASA Psyche mission, School of Earth & Space Exploration Professor, Arizona State University, USA. Tweet & post of Couper’s Interstellar Asteroid artwork 16 February 2021.

“I see Max Couper as an important artist in the field of public artworks, he has proved this in a number of highly qualified national and international projects.”

Prof Dr Ulrich Krempel, 20 January 2017. Director, Sprengel Museum Hannover 1993 – 2014.

“It is highly desirable the (Couper) collection be returned to the public domain”

Dr Chris Stephens, Lead Curator, Tate Britain, 9 November 2015.

“Any opportunity to be part of Max Couper’s (Fleeting Opera) waterbourne opera …. I find irresistible”

Dame Judi Dench, 4 March 2000.

The Royal Opera House reports on its “ambitious”, “unusual” and “challenging” Fleeting Opera project with Max Couper – “These collaborative works will feature the unique ambiance of movement, light and sound transmitted over the medium of water”. Royal Opera House press publication 2000.

“It is an impressive collection …. that has been shown in several major museums in Europe.”

Paul McCue, Assistant Director of Leisure and Amenity Services, Wandsworth Borough Council London, 19 February 1999.

“Max Couper’s work has been exhibited internationally and is of a very high professional level. Educationally it gives a wonderful insight into the processes of a particular area of contemporary art. The (Couper Collection) project has my full support.“ Glynn Williams, Prof of Sculpture, Head of Fine Art, Royal College of Art London, 16 January 1999.