Pre-order the Standard and Collector’s Editions Starting June 17, 2022


Happy World Tetris Day! Enhance and Limited Run Games announced their collaboration on the Tetris Effect: Connected physical release on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One/Xbox Series X, and PlayStation 4. Each platform will have a standard physical release and their own version of the Collector’s Edition.

Pre-orders open on June 17th at or visit The Collector’s Editions will only be available during the pre-order period. These won’t be produced again after the pre-order period, so don’t miss your chance to complete your collection!

Choose from three versions: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One/Xbox Series X (single disc for both platforms) or PlayStation 4 (PSVR compatible) housed in a Tetrimino box that contains all of the below:

  • CD set of the Tetris Effect: Connected Original Soundtrack (40 tracks from the original Tetris Effect OST and 10 new tracks from Tetris Effect: Connected) with a digital download code
  • 35 postcards chronicling Journey Mode stages and other breathtaking imagery from the game
  • Tetris Effect: Connected set of 3 pins

Visit for more information on Tetris Effect: Connected, including new multiplayer features, patch notes, community guides, game tips and more!

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