“We began tapping talent in India in the last quarter of 2021 to supplement our Philippine team in response to the growing market demand for our software development and quality assurance (QA) services. We were able to scale to 30 full-time employees in a span of one month,” shared Sipin Sidharthan, Head of Operations of Eastvantage.

Just like the Eastvantage Philippine offices, the India office is located in a prime business district with ultramodern infrastructure essential in supporting the operations of the company. It currently has a capacity of 100 seats deemed sufficient for the immediate requirements, but with provision for easy expansion should the need arise.

“With deep-rooted operational experience in the country through our international management team, we were able to establish our India presence swiftly,” shared Kamal Asarpota, Chief Executive Officer of Eastvantage. “We envision our India office to be another technology hub for Eastvantage, where we provide seamless digital transformation services for our clients,” he added.

The setting up of Bangalore operations is part of Eastvantage plans to fast track its local and global footprint expansion pursuant to the growing opportunities in the IT Managed Services sphere.

About Eastvantage

Eastvantage provides business solutions to global companies, enabling offshore operations from its locations in the Philippines, India and Bulgaria. The management team of Eastvantage brings a wealth of global insights and local knowledge in the areas of digital transformation, customer experience, and business support. Combining expertise with a hands-on approach to managing client relationships, Eastvantage makes outsourcing simple and seamless. Find out more about our flexible solutions at www.eastvantage.com.